Handling a complaint is to GRAB an opportunity . GRAB is an easy to remember acronym identifying the important steps to take.

for Getting ready

R for Receiving the client and his/her complaint

A for taking Action and looking for a solution

B for Being innovative

This approach can be applied to seminars, speeches and trainings or be used in a facilitating process.


Managers, supervisors and business owners: how are you (your team, your organization) handling customer's complaints? Take a few minutes to evaluate your situation.




Why work with Andrée Ulrich in the field of Customers’ complaints? Here are a few comments from happy clients :
  • « She suggests a very practical and logical approach
  • She holds front-line staff in high esteem
  • Her approach is adaptable to all working situations and environments
  • She demystifies the clients’ complaints »
The book « How to handle my Customers’ Complaints » (in French only : Comment gérer les plaintes de ma clientèle.)

Seventh best selling business book in Quebec in 2006, the french version of the book became a reference in ways to dealing with disgruntled clients and offered a concrete approach.

« Short and punchy, this book contains everything needed to answer a client adequately. By far the best guide on customer service ever published in Quebec » François St-Pierre, Les Affaires Magazine

Critics and articles in French related to the book

To obtain the book in French, click here