Themes can be presented during speeches or training. Duration, type of intervention and activities can be adapted to a wide range of events, as well as to the goals to attain and size of group. 

Why one of these activities? Here are in a nutshell comments from happy clients :

  • « It contained lots of real-life examples
  • It gave us hands-on practical solutions
  • It was adapted to OUR specific context
  • It took place in a relaxed atmosphere
  • The tools presented are realistic and easy to use! »
Themes for Front-Line Staff :
  • Customer Experience : a genuine pleasure!
  • Receiving complaints without frustration
  • Animating visits : techniques and tricks of the trade
Themes for Business Owners, Supervisors and Managers :
  • Creating astounding customer relations
  • How to handle my Customers’ Complaints
  • Creating a formidable team!

« Our staff can face a variety of clienteles, some of them disgruntled. The training Receiving complaints without frustration gave them the necessary tools to keep a professional attitude at all times and to answer customers’ needs. The trainer Andrée Ulrich was dynamic and had presence. » Louise Hébert, Guidatour»

In her presentations, Andrée Ulrich often uses Interactive Graphics. For more info, click here

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